trans resilience mugs

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Gender-affirming healthcare saves lives. Republican attempts to legislate queer and trans kids out of existence are barbaric. These attacks add an immeasurably traumatic burden to the already impossible task of existing as queer and gender-nonconforming humans in a deeply sexist, homophobic, and transphobic world.

Your purchase of a trans resilience mug includes a $30 donation to our local trans healthcare provider, Mosaic Health & Healing Arts. Trans folks won't have access to gender-affirming care if it does indeed become illegal in some states, but many of us already can’t access the care we need because trans-friendly clinics are underfunded or nonexistent in our communities. Thank you for support trans-inclusive healthcare, and thank you for supporting trans art!!

Text around the mug says:

"gender affirming healthcare saves lives"
"cherish trans lives"
"trans rights are human rights"
"protect trans lives"
"trans is beautiful"
"celebrate trans lives"