solstice tree oil candle

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A flickering flame atop an intricately-carved porcelain tree? What better way to bring cheery light to the darkest season of the year? Each oil candle comes with an 18 oz bottle of paraffin lamp oil, printed instructions for use, and one spare cotton wick.

How to use your oil candle

Fill your oil candle about two thirds of the way with the included paraffin lamp oil (you’ll want to use a funnel for this). Full capacity is about 4 ounces, so start with 2-3 ounces of oil. Insert the knotted end of the wick first and allow ten minutes for the oil to saturate it. Once saturated, push the wick up or down through the porcelain bead until only about a quarter of an inch is exposed.
Light your oil candle and wait five minutes for final adjustment (the flame will get taller as it warms up). Reduce the amount of wick showing if any smoking occurs. Careful, the bead will be hot! Your wick should last indefinitely but one spare wick is included.